Optimize your revenue cycle with certified billing specialists 

As a cardiologist, you work with the most vital organs of the body and often see patients when their heart health is already compromised. Patients may require one or more complex procedures, so your billing staff must have a thorough knowledge of the appropriate codes required for cardiology procedures.

By outsourcing all or some of your practice’s revenue cycle processes to an experienced medical practice management company, you can spend more time with your patients while maximizing your revenue stream.

Our mission is to streamline the revenue cycle seamlessly so that doctors and staff can focus on high-quality tasks such as keeping their patients healthy and happy.

We specialize in International Cardiology, medical coding, billing, and collection because our codes are ahead of inaccuracy, follow-through, and legal compliance, resulting in increased revenue.

tick Pre-appointment batch verification of benefits to ensure eligibility 
tick Cardiology financial and management analytics 
tick Track to ensure your claims are processed

We create intelligent paid lifecycle solutions for healthcare providers that streamline pre-authorized workflows for hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, and laboratories.

Our entire site of patient payment and medical billing solutions helps to shorten bill collection cycles, improve your cash flow, and efficiently preserve revenue throughout your entire payment life cycle.